The site at Cabourne Parva near to Caistor in North of Lincolnshire.


Cabourne Parva is unique as it is the confluences of several Lay Lines which manifest in a site that has an incredible power which is transferred to all who visit.


There is a large barn which has a stage at one end and a real ale bar at the other.   This is called the Main Stage and is where the loudest acts will be located.   There is a balcony at one end where the sound is controlled from and acts are videoed.   


A short walk from the Main Stage is the acoustic stage which is housed in a marquee and shares the space with a coffee bar that is staffed by members of the Christian Motorcycle Association..


The site has a number of fire pits that are ignited at dusk and literally tons of logs are provided.


Around the site are a number of tables and benches for you to have your food or just sit with friends and natter.


Talking about food.  This venue is one of the best in the UK for great food and sensible prices.   There is a burger bar and an on site bistro.  Yes you read correctly a bistro.


The toilets are brick and stone built with mains water and drainage.  None of the usual plastic smelly cabinets for you to suffer in.


Camping is on well drained chalk upland and is situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds.   Though the scenery is superb it can be cold when the wind is from the North.

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